Tom McCall Preserve

We’d taken Nate’s mom hiking in the Gorge before so we thought we’d go some place new.  Usually we hike into the waterfalls closer to Portland but this time we decided to venture a little further east to Tom McCall Preserve to see the wildflowers. The lupines were just gorgeous.

It was Silvie’s first time hiking and it really wore her out.  Nate had her in the Moby wrap.  By the end of the (short) hike they were plastered to each other with sweat and she was completely tuckered out.  We need to have a more substantial carrier before we attempt a longer hike with her!


2 responses to “Tom McCall Preserve

  1. It was a great hike! I don’t know which was more beautiful, the wildflowers or the view of the Columbia River gorge. Silvie was a super little hiker! She’s such a good sport!

  2. she looks so happy! and then so tuckered out. 🙂 do you have an ergo or other soft structured carrier? i love our ergo, but alex didn’t really like it until around 4 or 5 months.

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