4th of July

This may have been the most perfect 4th of July yet.  I’m not a huge fan of the holiday and it was an unusually-hot 95 degrees so my inclination would have been to hunker down in the cool basement and watch some mindless television.  But my friend Carolyn was getting married.  So, rather than curl up on the dog couch, we loaded up the car and headed to Hood River.

What’s a baby to wear when it’s ferociously hot and sunny?  Well, rock star sunglasses and giant sunhat, of course!  She was adorably cute and went out of her way to charm as many people as possible with her toothless grin.  She made it into the Official Wedding Photographer’s pictures a couple of time and we shot a couple (or twenty) of her too.

The setting was on a bluff overlooking the Gorge at a private residence.  The wedding was elegant and surprisingly comfortable in the dappled shade with a breeze.  The dinner featuring lamb and salmon was fabulous.   The company (teacher friends) was engaging.  The evening ended with sparklers and a fireworks display below us on the river.  A perfect ending to a beautiful day.


2 responses to “4th of July

  1. looks gorgeous! (the wedding and the silvie)

  2. These are gorgeous pictures! I love the one of her in the sunglasses & cute hat. Thanks for sharing – miss you terribly.
    Sarah said you are coming to Indy in August for sure…so glad about that. Later, Wen

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