Four Months

Dear Silvie–

Oh, bug!  You are so fun to watch as you grow your own opinions about the world.  You’ve decided that you LOVE the dogs.  Whenever you hear one of them walk into the room you crane your neck until you see it and then you break into  your toothless grin and chortle.  Sometimes you coo and talk to them.  Keegan’s really not that into you.  Mostly she acts as if you don’t exist, but you think she is so funny–especially when she plays fetch with Papa.

Abraham likes you because your face tastes like spoiled milk and slobber…two of his favorite flavors.  He licks you vigorously several times a day.  When you see him coming you get the biggest grin on your face and close your eyes as you prepare for the assault.  You never seem scared or upset at him for licking you.   In return, he lets you “pet” him and poke and prod him until he gets sick of it and moves away.  Fortunately, he’s been gentle with you so far and he’ll always be able to get away from you.

Berry Sweet

Berry Sweet

You have recently decided that lying down is no longer for you.  You insist that you should be upright at all times.  We have all sorts of ways to accomplish this and still try to get some work done around you.  You have a swing, a bumbo chair, a boppy pillow, an ergo baby carrier, and two strollers.  When we do need to lay you down, you do “crunches”.  Seriously.  You lift your head and shoulders off the ground and grunt.  You’ve got some abs for a baby!  You can hold your crunches for 30 seconds or more.  You clearly will be so much happier when you can sit up on your own.



Overall you have maintained a pleasant personality.  You do cry (even though our friends claim you don’t), but your cries are nearly always directly related to a need.  Once your need has been met you go back to your sweet self.  You love meeting people, especially all the grandmas and grandpas that make a fuss over you at the grocery store and the post office (in our unscientific poll, people over 50 are most likely to make googly eyes at babies).  There are hints that some rockier times may be ahead.  You’ve already expressed a little separation anxiety a few times when being separated from me.   And you’ve commenced with some heavy-duty drooling and chomping that indicate that teething is just around the corner.  But for right now, we’ll just enjoy you, sweetie bug.


Your mama

P.S. Can I have my boobs back soon, please?


One response to “Four Months

  1. Too sweet! I’m laughing and teary-eyed at the same time!

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