Biker Baby

We’ve been slowly introducing Silvie to our favorite sport, cycling.  Before she was even born she had the cycling cap.  Then she started watching the Tour de France with Nate every morning before he went to work.

We were prepping her for her first real ride on Sunday.  Our favorite Craigslist purchase this summer has been the Chariot.  This bike trailer/stroller/jogger is Silvie’s sweet ride for the next couple of years.  She seems to like it.  She loves being out and about and sometimes she “talks” while she rides.  When she gets tired she just bends over into the most impossible upside-down U of a shape and takes a nap.

Sunday Parkways is a Portland event in which the city shuts down a 6 or 7 mile loop of roads in one part of town to traffic and opens it up to cyclists, walkers, and joggers.  The route usually connects 3 or 4 city parks where entertainment, vendors and different organizations set up booths.  It’s a fun way to get to know a different neighborhood.  This Sunday the route was in Northeast Portland.  We rode up there with our friend Stacey.   Round trip was around 15 miles and Silvie did great the whole time.   Hopefully, an early introduction means she’ll be a fan of cycling too.


If you live in Portland, may we recommend the next Sunday Parkway on August 16, right here in our own Southeast. Unfortunately, Nate and I will have to miss it as we’ll be out of town.


2 responses to “Biker Baby

  1. I’m impressed! Those strollers for bikes are great.

  2. hey we’ve got the same chariot and zaya *still* loves it! kudos (:

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