Silvie Goes to the Coast

I generally try to avoid commenting on the weather.  We humans have such a small range of temperature in which we’re comfortable in.  Too often we end up complaining about the weather which is a complete waste of time since there is nothing you can do about it.  But the weather we’ve been having the last couple of days deserves commenting upon.  Tuesday it was 106.  Wednesday it was 105.  We have had 13 days of 90 degree + weather this July.  It is not unusual to have a week or two of hot weather in July or August here in Portland.  We do have a Mediterranean climate, after all, with a rainy season and a dry season (even though Portlanders actively perpetuate the myth that all it does is rain here so you wouldn’t want to live here).  But it is not this hot for this long.  We are shattering weather records daily.

Hot weather is tough for me to deal with but in the past I’ve hunkered down in an air conditioned coffee shop with a good book or taken myself to a matinee.  Not so easy with a four-month-old.  One day we went to the mall.  Another day we hung out in a friend’s air conditioned living room.   We’ve been sleeping on the hide-a-bed in the basement at night and we’ve been surviving.  But by Wednesday Silvie and I both needed to get out town to the coast.  So we talked our friends Stacey and Stephanie into going with us (it didn’t take much), threw the Chariot in the car, and headed west.

I checked the weather before we headed out.  It was predicted to be 106 in Portland for the day and 89 on the coast.  It was right about Portland, but dead wrong about the coast.  We stepped out of the car in Manzanita, shook out our legs, and promptly got goosebumps.  In our shorts and t-shirts, we were sorely underdressed for the 66 degree, misty, socked-in coast.  All Silvie was wearing was a onesie.  We considered buying some sweatshirts but we just didn’t want to spend the money.  I did buy Silvie some pants and Smartwool socks though so she wouldn’t be too chilly.  It was really a shock to the system to drop 40 degrees that quickly!

After clam chowder and fish and chips for lunch, we took Silvie down for her first view of the ocean.  Because it was so socked-in we couldn’t see more than about 300 feet out.  Silvie was unimpressed by the ocean but quite enthralled with sand.  She ran it through her fingers, smooshed her feet around in it and tasted it.  She played quite happily in the sand for about 20 minutes before she rubbed her eyes with her sandy little hands.  That was the end of it for her.  She was not thrilled to get sand in her eyes!

We returned to Portland much cooler.  Today it was 96 and I am not complaining!  It felt so much better.  What a difference ten degrees makes!



6 responses to “Silvie Goes to the Coast

  1. What a cutie!!! Ahh the joys of eating sand. You would think that one bite would be enough to clue them in that it sure isn’t food, but nope. Glory still eats it.

  2. Is she sitting all by herself now or is there a well-concealed sand bump adding just a bit of stability? Glad you guys are cooling off. We came back through Portland on Wednesday evening and I’ll admit it was hot, hot, hot.

  3. Such great pictures of her first time at the coast!

  4. I loved the pictures!!!

  5. oh my! HOW CUTE IS SHE!!!?!!>>?

  6. Oh my goodness what a cutie pie. SO sorry I’ve not checked your blog for so long and now your sweet little girl has grown up!!! I missed about 2 months of her growing! What a shock to have that much of a climate change! WOW. Amazing. How fun to be able to drive a short distance and see such a sight. We should totally come and visit sometime. Maybe after it’s not over 100. 🙂 NOT to complain or anything.

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