Five Months

Dear Silvie,

You turned five months old during our vacation to Indiana where you met and charmed you grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. The week before we left for Indiana (at four months three weeks) you solidified your sitting skills. One day I plunked you down in the middle of our bed and instead of toppling over as I expected, you just stayed upright. And you’ve pretty much stayed upright ever since. You are quite pleased to sit and even happier if some hands reach down that you can grab hold of and pull yourself into a standing position. You’re also experimenting with lunging forward out of a seated position into a crawling position so you can reach objects out of arm’s reach. You can’t really figure out how to move forward or backward but you can rotate 360 degrees rather handily.

While we were in Indiana we stayed at Grandpa Ben and Grandma Rose’s house. Aunt Kris and Kalvary, Glory and Malachi were also visiting. You loved watching your older cousins frolic and play. You were not quite so fond when one of them would decide to get really close to you and love on you a little too intensely. Bubba (Malachi) liked to walk up to you when you were sitting and stick his tummy right in your face. We really can’t figure out what that was supposed to signify, but you and Bubba seemed to have an understanding.

One day Malachi was cranky because he was teething, and apparently you decided to copy him. You fussed and whimpered for a whole day, and in the evening I could feel one of your bottom front teeth all sharp and fresh and shiny. Now you’re working on the other bottom front tooth and three teeth on the top. So far what seems to work best are cucumber spears out of the frig that you chomp and chomp on. We’ve also been dosing you up with baby Tylenol when you seem to be the most in pain.

Other than teething, you still are a pretty sunny little person. Grandpa Ben said, “I wondered how you managed to take so many smiley pictures of her, but now that I’ve met her I understand—she smiles all the time”.

While in Indiana you started to express a real interest in food. Possibly this is because all we did in Indiana was EAT–fresh corn on the cob, luscious tomatoes, and lots of down home cooking. Anyhow, we started you out on some rice cereal and some pureed pears. At first you were unimpressed and spit out much more than you swallowed. However once we got home to Portland, and I went back to work, you decided that eating cereal from Papa during the day is an acceptable food option. He reports that you sing and laugh with your mouth full. I suppose we’ll have to work on table manners at some point in the future!

I’m sure there is more I should write but my head is mush so I’m going to bed where I will lay down beside you and listen to your sweet baby snores.

Your Mama


2 responses to “Five Months

  1. Nate,

    I talk to your Mom occasionally as I walk through her plant and I always ask how you’re doing. So she gave me your blog info. Its really neat to peek into your families world through your blog. Your daugther is absolutely adorable. I have 3 myself, girl(7),boy(3), boy(1), and I loved this stage of life the most. New discoveries and millstones seem to be a daily occurance. I should go since I should be working but want to touch base. Take care and God Bless


    • carl,
      good to hear from you… it is a lot of fun to see her learn and discover new things… its hard to believe it has already been 8 months since she arrived.. time flies.


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