Despite the fact that it’s my birthday month, can I just say that August is one of my least favorite months?  It’s hot and dry and crunchy and brown in Portland.  Growing up in Indiana, August was always hot and intensely humid.  It’s invariably a month of changes and transitions.  And I am one slow to transition.

This August was no exception.  The whole month just seemed a little off-kilter.  The first week Silvie and I  traveled to Indiana to spend time with our families.  Silvie did a great job traveling but lost her sunny personality to teething pain.  The second week Nate came to join us and we spent even more time with family.  All that travel and time with family is good but tiring, and I missed sleeping in my own bed.  The third week we got back home to Portland, and Nate got laid off from his job.  The fourth week I had to go back to work and gear up for the school year.  The whole month was disconcerting and off-kilter, I tell you.

But now it is September, and September just might be my favorite month.  It’s cooling down a little, and there’s often a brisk fall feeling in the air when I wake up in the morning.  It’s started to rain again, and the dead brown stuff is returning to the verdant green that I have grown to love so much here in the Northwest.  School is back in session, and our daily routines are being re-established.  Different routines than we had planned, with Nate unexpectedly doing the bulk of the childcare, but routines none the less.  September is sliding on  like a well-worn pair of jeans.  We know how to do September.

And so, hopefully, we’ll return to somewhat regular blogging.  We certainly have lots of pictures to show and stories to tell.

Here’s to a comfortable routine and the soft worn jeans of September!


One response to “September

  1. What a gorgeous photo. And I’m glad September is finding you feeling a bit more at home. Sorry to hear about Nate’s job. That’s a bummer.

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