Six Months

(Originally written Sept. 9  but not posted)

Dear Silvie,

This was a month of firsts–first airplane ride, first time to meet Grandpa Homer and some of your great-grandparents, first time playing with your cousins, first birthday party for a friend (Adelaide), first teeth, first solid foods, and first attempts at crawling. How about working on that other first—first time sleeping through the night. Yeah, I’d really like you to master that one and soon!

Now that you have five little (sharp!) teeth, eating is your new hobby. So far rice cereal in its unappealing white lumpiness is your favorite. You’ve also eaten pureed pears and sweet potatoes. The other night we pulled out a can of smooshed peas. You HATED them, choked and gagged and made terrible faces. So we tasted them, and, you’re right, they were awful. No more canned peas for you.

We thought one of the changes this month would be you starting daycare when I went back to work. But then your papa got laid off. So we’re just switching roles again and he is home with you during the day. Most of the time you guys seem to work out pretty well together even though he never planned on being a stay-at-home dad. He can make you giggle like nobody’s business!

One of your favorite activities right now is bath time.  Now that you can sit on your own and splash, splash, splash, you love it!  You also like tasting the bath water.  The other day you decided to taste the bottom of the bathtub.  Fortunately, I grabbed you in time.  You don’t believe me when I tell you that you can not breath underwater.  You especially love the end of your bath when you get to watch all the water go down the drain.  I’m not quite sure what the attraction is…the sound? the round black hole? And you love being wrapped up in a towel and hugged and squished and loved on.

Happy first half year birthday, darling girl!


Your mama



4 responses to “Six Months

  1. One of my favorite babies has reached my very favorite baby stage(6 to 10 months….. I LOVE IT!)! She is so cute, I could cry!
    Oh…. and I was there for her little “shout out” to rick the other week at church….. well done Silvie! You are a comic genius already.

  2. wow- hard to believe it has been six months!

  3. “Darling girl” is so right! And yes, Michelle, she is so cute, I could cry, too! 🙂 Love her!

  4. Was impressed by the green grass and lovely background. A lovely family- one I am very groud of. A half-birthday hug and kiss from Grandma.

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