Florence and Newport

Last week I had an education conference to attend in Eugene. Since Nate is not working at the moment, he and Silvie came along. While I attended tedious session after tedious session, the two of them went hiking and explored Eugene (it didn’t take long). After the conference we intended to head east into the mountains. We’ve been wanting to visit Crater Lake ever since we moved here, and we thought this might be the time. However, a quick glance at the weather forecast for Crater–rain and snow–sent us scurrying west to the coast instead.

We spent the weekend meandering up the coast from Florence to Newport. We ate good seafood, drove up secluded forest roads to spy on mosses and mushrooms, saw seals and seal lions, poked around tourist towns, and visited the Newport Aquarium.


Nate and Silvie on Spencer’s Butte, Eugene


The port at Florence


The misty, moisty woods


A random stranger took this picture for us.

As always there are more pictures on Flickr including some videos of Silvie “army crawling” and snorting for the enjoyment of the grandparents.


4 responses to “Florence and Newport

  1. Enjoyed the pics. Mushrooms and ferns are fantastic. Love the crawler! Grampa

  2. Keep up the exploring. I would like to attribute that, at least in part, to your Beachy heritage; others may disgree. Nevertheless, I claim you as my nephew (and neice). 🙂
    Love the mushroom picture.

  3. love how you and baby girl have the same expression in that bottom photo.

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