Calendar Girl, 8 Months

So Silvie is actually 8 months 1 week in this picture but it took a week to find a day with enough natural light to take a flash-free picture.  Yes, the rainy season has come again to our beloved Pacific Northwest.  And we love it.  It’s so green and mossy outside and cozy inside.  But we digress.

I realize these pictures are BLUE.  Yes, I clearly need to spend some time in Photoshop to color-correct them.  But I don’t have time to log onto Nate’s computer on which Photoshop dwelleth and the grandparents asked for new pictures today so here they are.  Blue and all.  Maybe Nate will have time tomorrow to make our girl rosy-cheeked in the pictures as she is in real life.


2 responses to “Calendar Girl, 8 Months

  1. Love her, blue and all!

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