An Update

Alas, I realize this blog has been deathly silent these last few weeks.  We are still here though.  It’s rainy and cold and we’ve had our share of sniffles already, but here’s a little bit about what we’ve been up to.

Nate:  At home with Silvie every day except Wednesdays when she goes to the sitter.  He’s doing a fabulous job taking care of her and playing all sorts of games with her.  When she sleeps he showers, does dishes, cooks, plans our kitchen remodel (for “some day”) and brews hard cider.  Gotta love a multi-talented man!

Deb:  Work, work, work.  I leave home before daylight in the morning and get home just as it’s getting dark again.  I’m carving out time here and there to be crafty and to blog.  You can look over at Bee’s Nest if you’d like to see some of my creative endeavors.  I’ve got the evening shift with Silvie and we have fun bathing and reading books together before she goes to bed every night.

Silvie:  Favorite toys at the moment are her empty formula cans that she likes to roll around on the floor or shove in front of her as she crawls from room to room.  She also likes pushing her high chair or the dining room chairs around like very tall, slow-moving walkers.  Her favorite noise is the noise of banging on the laptop keyboard, which gets her lots of parental attention and fast!   She has real toys, people.  Honest.  She just likes all the other household objects better.

Abraham and Keegan:  Are feeling sorely neglected these days since a small child has stolen all the attention around here.  But the payoff is they get to clean up the floor under the highchair after every meal.  They must lie down in the living room and wait until we are finished eating before they are allowed to come in and clean up the floor.  Keegan waits rather patiently although sometimes there is drool in the corner of her mouth.  Abraham tries to quietly sneak into the dining room until one of us notices and sends him scampering back to the living room.  It’s a tough life.

That’s a little picture of our lives these days.  Stay warm and safe out there!


One response to “An Update

  1. My husband (also a “Nate”) will be staying home with our baby while I work too! It’s good to read about somebody else in a similar situation. Also, I LOVE your Calendar Girl posts. They are absolutely adorable!

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