8 Months (and a little bit more)

Dear Silvie,

At 8 months I think the nicknames we have for you may describe you better than anything else.

Sprout–We’ve been calling you this since before you were born.  I think it originates from my sister’s nickname as a baby (she wore her hair in a “sprout”–a ponytail on the top of her head).  You are growing like a weed.

Swiffer–Your pant legs and t-shirts are doing a good job of cleaning our floors as you crawl around the house.

Danger Baby–You are so, so busy.  We have to keep an eye on you at all times even in the “baby-proof” parts of the house.  You like to sneak over to the laptop and bang on the keyboard and watch us run to the laptop’s rescue.

Little Owl–Your favorite sound is a soft and high pitched “Whooo, Hooooo”

Beaver–You were born in Oregon, the beaver state, and you gnaw on anything you can get your mouth on.  We are trying to keep you from gnawing on our mid-century modern coffee table and arm chairs, but I’m afraid a close inspection would reveal baby tooth marks.

Much love, little one,

Your Mama


2 responses to “8 Months (and a little bit more)

  1. She is still just so adorable! Can you imagine life without her?

  2. So cute!!! This entry makes me miss that age.

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