The Darkest Time of the Year

It’s been a dark week here.  Several people in our life have serious health issues.  A woman from our church lost her life climbing on Mount Hood last weekend.  The last week of school before Christmas break is always intense.  Teachers are at the end of their patience.  Students and parents are stressed about the economy and the holidays, and mental health issues flair.  Compared to these other things, it’s trivial, I know, but the darkness really gets to me.  I’m never a morning person but these days even when I’m “hurrying” in the morning it feels like I’m moving slower than molasses.  And then it’s getting dark by 4:30 p.m. and, well, the solstice can not come quickly enough for me.

But the light is starting to poke through.  Today was the first day of Christmas vacation and it was lovely.  We had some friends over for breakfast and then we worked on finishing up some Christmas presents.  They are Christmas presents that should have been shipped earlier, but….they weren’t and so now I don’t feel nearly as stressed about getting them done in time.  The laundry has been attacked, although not vanquished.  The Christmas tree is decorated.

Let the light break through!


One response to “The Darkest Time of the Year

  1. I too have Christmas presents that should have been shipped by now but, alas, they are still “in process”!
    So sorry about your friend. I’d heard there were some people missing on Mt. Hood, but then didn’t hear any more.
    Love to you all!

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