Calendar Girl, 9 Months

Darling Girl,

Yes, this letter and these pictures are long overdue.  We did take these pictures on December 8 but they’re a little blurry and I wanted to retake them.  I don’t think that’s going to happen, plus you’ve destroyed the calendar.  Good thing 2009 is almost over and we need a new calendar anyway.

You keep growing and changing at an enormous rate.  At your 9-month doctor’s appointment, you were 30 inches long which puts you in the 100th percentile for height and you weighed just over 20 pounds (80th percentile).  Your hair keeps growing and it’s almost in your eyes.  You now eat just about any finger food we put in front of you, but you’re especially fond of pumpkin and banana bread and Cheerios.  “Nummm-nummm-nummm,” you say.  The dogs are also fond of these foods and are delighted that you toss down a considerable portion for them to clean off the floor after meals. You’ve also mastered the art of the sippy cup, swinging it high and slugging back the water as fast as it will come.

We thought you were saying “mama” and “mo’ ” (more) for about a week but then you’ve regressed back to nonsense sounds only, albeit delightfully tuneful nonsense sounds.  “Ooohh!  ohhh!?” you proclaim about every fascinating thing you find and sometimes about nothing in particular.

You can crawl almost faster than we can catch you and many a disaster has been narrowly averted.  We are book people around here and you are a book person too.  The problem is you prefer to eat books.  We have moved everything up about as high as it can go.  A few magazines are left behind as sacrificial lambs for your literary appetite.  You were delighted that at Christmas you were allowed to tear and chew on wrapping paper with abandon.

You cruise confidently around the furniture, and you’ve started walking around with push toys.  We found Papa’s old plastic horse up in the closet and brought it down for you to play with.  You were scared of it for a couple of days and would only touch it with one hand while all the rest of your body was securely attached to one of us.  But now you’ve made your peace with the wild beast and dance all around the living room with it.

The dogs have been pretty tolerant of you.  I have seen you crawl right over Abraham while he’s taking a snooze and he hasn’t even moved.  Keegan lets you tug on her some but if you get too interested in her, she stands up and moves to safety.  You love it when they play-fight or when Keegan plays fetch with Papa.  You wave your hands in the air and chortle with glee.

You bite.  Everything.  You have 8 teeth in the front and you’re pushing through 2 molars.  You sometimes sweetly grab my hand as if to snuggle and then you guide my fingers to your mouth and chomp down. Ouch!  We’ll have to work on that one.  The most amusing thing you bite is “yourself”.  In one of the books I read you before you go to bed, there is a mirror on the last page.  You are so excited to see your reflection in the mirror, and then you slowly lower your head down to the page and attempt to bite yourself.  Seriously.

We’re ridiculously in love with you, little bug.

Mama and Papa


5 responses to “Calendar Girl, 9 Months

  1. She has decided to leave the calendar now. Have you been reading Dr Zeus to her? “I will go now.”

  2. So precious. So cute. I want her.

  3. the hair! it’s so lovely and thick. i think she has about twice as much hair as alex does! she is wonderful. i’m glad to see that she is developing an early love for books and dogs. 🙂

  4. she’s so sweet! such a great memory to have these letters for her . . .

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