Calendar Girl, 11 Months

Dear Silvie–

At 11 months you are  a perpetual motion machine, and, unfortunately, a perpetual snot machine.  It seems you (and I) have caught more than your share of colds this winter.  But then, it could be that you’ve been teething too and we mistook your snarliness for a cold.  The other day I noticed that you had some molars that I’d never seen before and I don’t know when they worked their way out.

You are starting to talk a bit more.  You say “hi” and “bye” and wave, sometimes at random strangers.  You say “baba” (papa) and “nana” (banana).  You can sign “more” and “milk” emphatically.  You jabber a lot and I am sure more words will start showing up in the midst of the jabber.  You love the dogs and, although you can’t say “Abraham” and “Keegan”, you definitely know their names.  You have a special laugh “huhh” whenever you see one of the dogs.  I’m not sure if it is your version of a bark or if it is just your happy-dog-sound.

It’s been a busy month with your papa back to work.  You transitioned going to the babysitter flawlessly.  I credit that to a wonderful sitter and to the fact that you have gone every Wednesday since you were 6 months old so you were already very comfortable there.  I think it’s good for you to have other kids to play with during the day and I think you’ve already picked up a few skills from watching the older two.

One challenge beside your constant colds has been your diet.  You are starting to faze out your bottles and are down to basically a morning and an evening bottle.  However, we have not done a good job getting you to eat a balanced diet the rest of the day.  So far you subsist primarily on a diet of avocados, cheerios, yogurt, and bananas.  You haven’t met a carb you didn’t like.  Must take after your mama.  But you’re really not into vegetables.  We’ll keep trying and if any readers have any tips, please leave them in the comments.

We’re excited that the weather has been nice and sunny and you’re learning how to play outside.  When we do yard work, we usually let the chickens out to peck around in the beds and eat bugs and plants.  You are fascinated by them and spend a lot of time walking and crawling toward them.  I’m surprised how close they let you come to them, never close enough to touch but within inches before they move away.  We’ve had to catch you a few times just as you were about to climb into the chicken run.  Yuck.

I’ve always loved seeing the world through the eyes of a child, and I’m having fun rediscovering it through your eyes yet again.




2 responses to “Calendar Girl, 11 Months

  1. I seriously can’t believe how grown up she is – and I’ve never even met her! I can just picture the three of you out in the yard, tending the garden and stalking the chickens, and it’s a lovely picture. 🙂

  2. green smoothies. spinach is virtually taste free and packs a healthy punch in an otherwise sweet treat. I’m know i’m late, but maybe it’s still an issue?

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