15 Months

Dear Silvie–

In the last three weeks your language use has been exploding.  I know if I don’t take the time now to record the words you know, in another three weeks there will be too many to write down.  The first 10 words or so on the list you have been using inconsistently for a couple of months.  The last words on the list have just popped up recently.



Hoof-hoof (woof-woof)




hi (said to everyone when we are out and about shopping, but then she gets all quiet and shy when friends come to our house)


ni’-ni’ (night-night)

naow (meow)


mae or me (somehow this is what comes out for please, accompanied by a vigorous chest thump)

‘anana (banana)


baw (for chickens “bawk-bawk”)

foos (shoes)

‘ook (book)


naa’ (snack)

pu-vah (pacifier)

ta-ta (Renatah, your favorite 3 year old)



‘ide?!!!! (outside)


go! go! go! (watching bike races with papa on t.v. or world cup soccer with Mr. Tim)

fower (flower)

cuh-cul? (I’m not exactly sure on this one but it seems to mean pretzel or other affiliated snacks)

caw (for crows)

Gracious!  That’s 29 words.  More than I even thought you knew.  Slow down, Baby!

My favorite part of last weekend, when you narrated the entire ride to church and back (” Uht-oh, kitty, naow!, go! go! go!, nonsense sounds nonsense sounds Mama? Papa? hoof-hoof! uth-oh, puh-vuh…”).  My least favorite part, when you threw a twenty-minute temper tantrum just because we wouldn’t let you drink ginger ale out of a glass.  At least, I think that’s what the temper tantrum was all about.  After all that shrieking and cussing us out in Angry Baby, I don’t think you even knew what it was about anymore.

Much love and ni’-ni’,

Your Mama

P.S. You’ve started giving really good hugs too.  You sort of throw yourself into our arms and snuggle your head down into our chests.  Love that.


3 responses to “15 Months

  1. Amazing! Important to record this kind of stuff, because her learning curve is a big and fast one!! Wow!! Love to her say ‘hi’ on the phone.
    Love, Grandma Rose

  2. You forgot “uck” which means “stuck” if I recall. That is the word I heard a lot before we went to Gruner. 🙂

    30 words! Woot! Smarty girl!

  3. I know what you mean about writing all that stuff down. I find myself writing things on post it notes and then sticking them inside the baby journal to record later. It’s amazing how much I do and don’t remember about Ella at Beatrix’s age, but I will look in Ella’s journal to compare it to what Beatrix is currently doing.

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