17 Months

Dear Silvie–

You are so busy these days. One minute you’re a little girl with ponytails and a mischievous grin, the next minute you’re a toddler throwing a fit that you didn’t get your way, and the third minute you are snuggled up next to me like a baby, albeit a long-legged baby.
You are working hard to establish your independence. You are so proud that you can use a spoon to feed yourself yogurt and I let you do it even though about 25% of the yogurt ends up covering your clothes and skin. You are perfecting the yogurt facial. Lately you’ve started pulling up a chair to “help” do the dishes, and you ARE actually helpful when feeding Abraham and Keegan.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being home with you more this summer. You charm me by singing wordless, tuneless songs as you ride in the Chariot during our long runs and bicycle rides. Sometimes you even shoot encouragingly “Go, Go, Go”. You crawl all over Abraham and Keegan who are surprisingly patient with you. Probably because you slip them all sorts of savory treats whenever I’m not looking. Today I caught you feeding Abe a spoonful of peanut butter from your high chair. He’s NOT supposed to eat from the table and YOU are NOT supposed to feed him but neither of you seemed to feel appropriately guilty when I caught you.
You have certain favorite people–Auntie Stacey, Cara, Mae, Tait, ‘Ta’Ta (Renatah), Addy–whose pictures you want to see pictures on my phone or on Facebook and you tell Papa in the evenings who you played with that day. You’ve also gotten good at saying “hi” and “bye bye” to people on the phone and last week you Skyped with Grandma Mary and you actually had a bit of a conversation and brought toys over to show her through the computer camera.

You are loved and chosen,

Your Mama


2 responses to “17 Months

  1. Awn… and I LOVED talking with her via Skype! Such a big girl she is!

  2. She’s beautiful.

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