18 Months

Dear Silvie,

September was a tough month. You shifted from taking two naps a day to one at the same time as the school year began. You were also pushing your two-year molars. That means that most evenings by the time we all made it home for dinner, you were already exhausted and sad and teary. It wasn’t very much fun. We let you watch a lot more Caillou and “Foo-Foo” (Choo-Choo– Thomas) than I ever thought I’d let a toddler watch , so that you could sit quietly and relax while we made dinner.

On the other hand, there have been fun moments too. It’s fun to watch you continue to develop your own personality. You LOVE shoes. You change shoes at least three times a day. Your red, rubber rainboots are the ones you can put on most easily so you can often be found clunking around the house in them. Your father brought back some cowboy boots from a business trip to Colorado for you so we’ve been having fun dressing you up in them. You also have other shoes in frequent rotation: little Keen sandals, black and white Converse all-stars, and some shiny hot pink high-tops to name a few.


This month you learned to kiss for real…not the open mouthed, slobbery baby kiss, but the pursed lip smacking sound kind of kiss.  Probably because you’ve felt so dreadful, you were really snuggly this month.  There was lots of hugging and kissing.

Well, I’d better get this post published because by the time I get it posted you’ll actually be 19 months old.


Your Mama (who can not keep up with you)


2 responses to “18 Months

  1. Oh so sweet! I love you, Silvie!

    Grandma Mary

  2. Thanks for posting the photos with comments. I went looking at the rest of the photos and love the one where she was playing in flour. Also like the one in front of the big rhubarb plant. Is she playing with a twig or a worm?

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