Happy Christmas from the Pacific Northwest!



Waiting to open presents on Christmas morning.


Reading the book Grandma Rose wrote for Silvie about the Little Girl Who Loved Shoes.


Helping Papa build the IKEA play kitchen.


We had a mostly happy (except for a few toddler temper tantrums) and relaxing Christmas day at home this year.  Here are a few of our favorite photos but there are more on Flickr for the grandparents and the curious.

Love across the miles,

Deb, Nathan and Silvie


6 responses to “Happy Christmas from the Pacific Northwest!

  1. What an adorable post! I had a happy Christmas, except for missing my children and grandchildren that live MILES away! 🙂

  2. your home is BEAUTIFUL! and what a sweet gift–a book about sylvie + her love of shoes! merry christmas, deb! we’re here in NC at my mom’s house. jeff & cris say ‘hello’! (& cris also says she still has all your books!)

  3. oh i love that idea of a book about a girl who loves shoes — how imaginative and perfect! and man, that play kitchen looks like FUN!

  4. I love the ikea kitchen….So cute!

  5. I love how the dogs match their beds. 🙂 Seriously, that’s brilliant.

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