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2 Years!

Dear Silvie,
You are two! Two! Which you signal by holding your index finger up on both hands and wiggling them alongside your chubby cheeks.

I am so in love with this stage of you. You are learning words at exponential speed and generating original sentences all the time. You still have lots of articulation errors so it’s sometimes a bit of a guessing game to figure out what you’re saying, but you are daily sounding a little less “Nell” (Chicka, chicka, chickabee) and more little girl.

Given how rain is the bane of our existence here in Portland (and also your middle name), we had a rain themed birthday party for you.  It was great fun especially the coloring wall and the play dough.  Your favorite gifts included a stroller for your baby dolls and a wooden barn with farm animals.   Actually you were delighted by all of your gifts except for the scooter bike that your Papa and I bought you.  It’s still a little big for you and are scared of it.  Maybe you’ll warm up to it later this summer.




One of our favorite things about your right now is how you are  using polite language.  When you are given something you now say, “Thank you, mama” with no prompting.  You’re still trying to figure out when it’s ok to say “no thank you” and when you are really just supposed to do what you are asked to do.  And you’re working on saying, “May I have ___ please?” when asking for something.  You know how to do it but it takes some thought and each word comes out a bit labored and short.  Thank you, Miss Naomi, for teaching you to be so polite.

Things that make you cry:  loud noises of any kind, clowns at the library, and wind in your face.  Things that make you laugh your deep down belly laugh:  playing chase around the house with Papa and Mae and going down the big slide “all by myse’f on my belly button”.



For part of spring break we went to Manzanita on the Oregon coast.  We rented a house a couple of blocks for the beach and had a relaxing time.  Our friend Amy (your “Aunt ‘Mi’Mi”) stayed one night and had a great time playing on the beach with you.  Your Papa had been working a lot of extra hours and it was good to see him relaxed and in a playful mood with you.  You spent a lot of time gathering up sticks and pine cones.


Like most toddlers you really like sticks.  This week we walked the three blocks down to the library and back to return some books.  It took 45 minutes.  Not because you walk slowly, but because we had to stop frequently to pick up sticks, “draw” with the sticks on the sidewalk, climb up into the neighbors’ yards, look at every single flower and enjoy the sunshine.  It’s good for me to slow down to toddler time and enjoy the sunshine with you.


Your Mama

23 Months

Dear Silvie,

I have to say that January and early February were pretty tough because you got a whole string of cold viruses and were miserable most of the time.  Now that you are feeling better you are much more pleasant to deal with and you are growing by leaps and bounds.  Your 2T shirts are already too short.  You outgrew some of your pants, and you are stringing words together into semi-intelligible sentences.
The other day we had a rare (and unnecessary) snow day off.  This was the first snow in your memory and you were thrilled.  You were outside making a snowman with your Papa by 7:30 a.m.  Good thing too, since the snow melted by noon.  Anyhow, you very clearly were upset when you came to me and said, “Mama, my mitten fall off!”
You are working so hard to establish your own independence in multiple ways.  You undress yourself nearly every evening when we get home from work, just because you can.  We had to draw the line at taking your diaper off without permission after cleaning up one too many accidents.  At the dinner table tonight you were not so enchanted with the main course, so I offered you a choice of yogurt or an orange for dessert.  You stated, “Orange, peel it all by myself!”  While half the sounds are still missing from these words, the meaning was abundantly clear. You want to do it yourself!

And you did manage to peel it most of the way until some citric acid got into a hang nail on your little finger and you were overwhelmed by pain and suffering and had to have a complete meltdown to express your distress.  Your negative emotions are expressed just as intensely as your positive emotions.
Miss Naomi, the Super Sitter, reports that you are an excellent mama to the baby dolls at her house.  You feed them and wrap them up in blankets.  You now have three baby dolls at home–two larger dolls and a smaller doll.  You insist on having “Mama Baby, Papa Baby and Baby Baby” in the crib with you when you go to bed at night.

Every night I pray that you will grow up to be a woman who is strong and wise and true.  And I pray that I’ll be strong and wise and true in my parenting of you.


Your Mama

Street Urchin


New Street Urchin photos on Flicker

21 and 22 Months

Dear Silvie,

Here are some things I love about you right now:

-Tonight we were driving in the car and I was listening to NPR.  The commentator was talking about how Barack Obama is carefully preparing for the State of the Union address tomorrow night.  From the back seat I hear a cheerful, “B’ock O’mama!!!  Yayyy!”  Ummm, we may have practiced saying that a few times in the past but this was the first spontaneous political act from you.  I love you, kid.

-For the last two months you’ve worn red, rubber rainboots and only red, rubber rainboots.  Fortunately, that’s a pretty good choice given the weather here in Stumptown so it’s worked for you.  You refused to even let me try other shoes on you.  Until today.  Today you chose the most hideous sparkly pink pair of “dancing shoes” in the shoe basket and wore them out to dinner.  You even did a little tap dance routine on our front porch.  I was prepared to hit the pink sparkly age around four, but certainly not before your second birthday.  Guess I was wrong.

-You are obsessed with identifying every living creature as a “mama”, “papa” or “baby”.  For example, if you see a picture of two cows, you point and say “mama cow, baby cow”.  If you see three of anything, they are automatically mama, papa and baby.  If you see an obvious male, it is a “papa”.  Today you even named the bike store we drive past as “mama bike”.

-You have an intense love/hate relationship with our little housemate, Mae.  You say “Mae ‘ome?  Cawa ‘ome?” every afternoon as we drive home from work.  If they are not home, you are very sad.  And when they come home, you exclaim, “Mae Cawa ‘ome!”  Mae is only a few months younger than you and she looks up to you and wants to be exactly like you and wants whatever toy you are playing with.  She also wants to get right next to you in your personal space.  Your initial reaction is to shriek and shove her out of your space.  Sigh.  We have worked a lot on sharing and using your words.  In the last week though, I have seen you turn to Mae and give her a hug instead of shoving her away.  I’ve also seen each of you rush to the other’s rescue when one falls and cries.  You try to help each other up.  Usually this is not actually helpful since you grab on and won’t let go, but it’s nice to see that you care about each other.

-Miss Naomi informs me that you are very motivated by food right now.  Each morning around 10:00 you announce to her that it is time for “‘nack!” and she says, “Silvie, you can have your snack after you pick up the toys.”  She says you zoom around the living room putting all the toys away in no time flat so you can have your ‘nack.

-You love “meat”.  You eat lunch meat (thin sliced turkey breast, ham, Canadian bacon and the like) with gusto.  You also have an unabated love affair with cookies.  Over Christmas break you woke me up one morning at 5:30 a.m. demanding a cookie.  Usually we keep fig newton breakfast bars on hand to feed you.  Unfortunately, that day we were out and you had a total meltdown at 5:30 a.m. for your cookie.  Sigh.

-You’ve started singing quite a bit.  I can recognize “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and “Rockabye Baby”.  Generally you launch into “Rockabye Baby” right after we talk about B’0ck O’mama. (Barackabye Baby!)


Your Mama

Happy Christmas from the Pacific Northwest!



Waiting to open presents on Christmas morning.


Reading the book Grandma Rose wrote for Silvie about the Little Girl Who Loved Shoes.


Helping Papa build the IKEA play kitchen.


We had a mostly happy (except for a few toddler temper tantrums) and relaxing Christmas day at home this year.  Here are a few of our favorite photos but there are more on Flickr for the grandparents and the curious.

Love across the miles,

Deb, Nathan and Silvie

19 and 20 Months

Dear Silvie,

This may be my favorite age so far.  You are so delightfully funny and independent and stubborn.  And you love to snuggle up on the couch and read library books with me.  And you’re obsessed with your belly button and play with it all the time.  And you run in a sort of two-beat gallop that makes my heart skip a beat every time I see it.  You love “pump’n pie” and “appa juice”. One moment you’re curled up sucking your pacifier and cuddling with me, and the next moment you are tearing around the house on your “bike” in your red rubber rain boots.


On your 19 month “birthday” you walked into the bathroom and tugged at your pants and diaper until I obligingly took them off for you.  Then you popped yourself down on the little Ikea potty chair and peed in it like you’d been doing it that way for years.  No commentary, no prompting from mama, no praise needed.  You repeated this performance five or six times in the following week.  And then you stopped.  Apparently, you have proven to yourself that you know how to pee on a potty but see no practical application for this in your everyday life.  I hope you change your mind eventually, but for now I’m ok with you staying in diapers for a bit longer.  You’re growing out of all of your “baby-ness” so quickly.

At twenty months, you’ve started to put together phrases when motivated.  “Mo’ cookie mae-ee” (more cookie please) is a favorite.  “Papa home?” “Mae home, Cawa home!”  “No Aaaee” (No, Abraham!)  But will hold out 45 minutes in time out before saying “Sowwy” if you don’t want to apologize.

In fact, you can be downright stubborn.  The other day after work when I got to Miss Naomi’s to pick you up, you were sitting on her lap beside a pile of Cheerios on the floor. In the morning you had accidentally dumped your snack cup full of Cheerios on the floor.  That wouldn’t have been a big deal except that you refused to help pick them up.  You looked at them, got that determined little look on your face and refused to even acknowledge the existence of Cheerios.

Of course, this behavior got you sent immediately to a time out.  And then another one.  And another one.  And another one. You went the rest of the morning, skipped lunch, took your nap and were still refusing to pick up your Cheerios when I got there at 4:45.  I wasn’t about to let you get out of picking up your Cheerios either but we did need to get home so I ended up doing what we call a “hand over hand assist” in special education and gently forcing you to pick up a handful.  After one handful you did voluntarily pick up ONE Cheerio by yourself.  Yes, we do expect you to help pick up after yourself, and, yes, we do mean it, you stubborn little thing.

You have an interest in mechanical things that reminds me that your Miller genes are strong as well as those shared with your Grandpa Ben and Aunt Kris.  Any time Papa gets out tools to work on something, you are right there beside him “helping”.  Here you are with an Allen wrench working on one of the dining room chairs. IMG_8127_edited-1

Silvie, I love you from the top of your honey-haired head down to the bottom of your stubborn little boot-covered toes.

Your Mama