Street Urchin


New Street Urchin photos on Flicker


6 responses to “Street Urchin

  1. we must come visit this spring. she’s getting so big! and always so adorable. Plus the kids love a road trip.

  2. Ooooooooo! That was my little coat when I was her age – Addie got big too fast and I didn’t really get to see her in it. Fun to see your beautiful girl in it! Hope you guys are doing well – let me know if you have time for a play date.

    • Rachel, I just pulled that coat out of the hand-me-downs and thought it was awesome in a totally 70s way. It’s really fun to know it was yours. We should definitely schedule a play date for the girls and for us.

  3. Oh, my new favorite picture! I love this little street urchin 🙂 I especially love her little blown kisses and hugs these days, growing up so quickly…

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